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Code of Conduct

Dynamic Drimnagh 

Governance Handbook 


1. Constitution 

a. SECTION 1: The Mission Chosen 

b. SECTION 2: Aims & Objectives 

c. SECTION 3: Membership 

d. SECTION 4: Code of Conduct 






j. SECTION 10: Disciplinary Procedures 


2. Appendices 1: Terms of Reference for the Board of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum 

3. Appendices 2: Code of Conduct for the Members of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum

Constitution of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum 

Section 1: The Mission Chosen 

The Mission is to Implement the Dynamic Drimnagh Plan (DDP) and proactively advocate and support, encourage and facilitate the community of Drimnagh to apply influence on matters that impact on its wellbeing. 

The work of the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum (DDF) will be informed by a number of key principles and values: 


The DDF actively welcomes membership of all groups that provide inclusive service to the community of Drimnagh regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, disability, faith community.


DDF believes that all residents in Drimnagh have something equally important to contribute to the development and cohesion of the Drimnagh community. 

Openness, Transparency and Accountability: 

The DDF will be accountable to its membership and will operate in a transparent way in order that trust and confidence can be maintained among its members. 

Drimnagh Dynamic Forum believes in the power of people and communities proactively advocate and support, encourage and facilitate the community of Drimnagh to apply influence on matters that impact on its wellbeing and supports people of Drimnagh to work towards bringing about positive change through collective action and, therefor. 

Section 2: Aims & Objectives 


The Dynamic Drimnagh Plan is a comprehensive plan that identifies five strategic pillars around which five strategic objectives have been established: The Dynamic Drimnagh Forum will be responsible for each of these five pillars. The Pillars (of Equal Standing) are; 

  • Strategic Pillar 1: A Cohesive Community in Drimnagh. 
  • Strategic Pillar 2: Community Centered Development including Housing, Planning and Safety.
  • Strategic Pillar 3: Green Spaces, Waterways and Environmental challenges. 
  • Strategic Pillar 4: Lifelong learning and education for the community. 
  • Strategic Pillar 5:Health, Wellbeing, Leisure, and Culture. 


  • Will support and advocate for the interests of all groups in the Drimnagh community as they work to implement the DDP.
  • Will not conduct any services already delivered by any of its member groups. 
  • Is not aligned to any political party. 
  • Represents and gives a voice where appropriate, to the collective interest of the people and groups that form its membership. 
  • Will ensure an effective information flow between all its members to facilitate mutual support. 
  • Will provide digital, oral, and printed information to all members, on opportunities and challenges relating to funding, education, and community services. 
  • Create a flexible combination of digital and physical information and engagement strategies designed to maximize the influence and power of Drimnagh citizens. 
  • Offer Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms to its members in the interest of maintaining the trust and strength that accompanies a cohesive community. 

Section 3: Membership 

  • Anyone can be a member of the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum (DDF). 
  • Membership of the Drimnagh Dynamic Forum is open to all groups and individuals, who live in or have their Forum (DDF) working within the Drimnagh catchment area. 
  • All members can participate in any (or all) of the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum Sub-committees on each Pillar. 
  • You can become a member as an individual and as part of a group. 
  • Once you are a member you agree to be on one of the sub committees (Pillars subcommittees must meet at least once a quarter) 
  • You can become a member as an individual and as part of a group. 
  • Membership of Drimnagh Dynamic Forum is guided by the rules of constitution and the code of conduct of the Forum. 
  • There are no membership fees. (at least for the first two years). No fee for groups or for individuals or for anyone to become a member of the DDF. 
  • A group can nominate between two and eight people to represent the full group as members. 

Section 4: Code of Conduct 

Conduct of the Members and Board of Drimnagh Dynamic Forum is guided by the rules of the agreed code of conduct (which every member must receive and sign) and associated terms of reference. These are documents that should be reviewed on a regular basis and signed off by the board of the Forum. The Code of Conduct for the Members of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum Is enclosed as an appendix to this document. 

Section 5: Procedures 

  • The DDF shall meet once a month or more regularly when necessary.
  • A quorum of one third of the membership is required to hold a meeting of the Forum and decisions of the Forum will be reached by the consensus of most members in attendance.
  • The Forum will foster links with Forum (DDF)s, groups, services, and initiatives, etc. who address similar problems at a regional, national, and European level. 
  • The agenda for a meeting shall be circulated at least one week before a meeting. Allowing for various forms of communication, the agenda and notice of meetings should be received by members no later than 7 days before the meeting. 
  • The minutes of the previous meeting will be circulated within one week of the meeting being held and will be available at the beginning of each new meeting. 
  • Members who wish to include items on the agenda should do so by submitting them to the Secretary C/O the Forum Administrator, at least five working days before the meeting.
  • Under Any Other Business, items, at the discretion of the Chair, may also be raised for noting and / or discussion. However, any action recommended can only be approved at the next meeting. 

Section 6: FUNCTIONS 


With the understanding that the Board takes its direction from the member groups of the Board, has the following functions: 

  • To advise DDF on mechanisms for promoting its Mission, Aims and Objectives.
  • To highlight matters in need of attention and to generate thinking and initiate programmed that promote the DDF. 
  • To represent the interests of the DDF about other groups, initiatives, and structures.
  • To handle public relations concerning Dynamic Drimnagh Forum 
  • To coordinate the implementation of agreed action plans. 
  • To keep a regular record of attendance. 
  • To pursue funding as appropriate to further the objectives of the Forum 
  • To ensure that meetings are conducted in an appropriate and supportive manner.
  • To uphold the right of each member to be heard, in keeping with the standing orders. 


  • All members of the Forum are assigned into a subcommittee 
  • Pillars subcommittees must meet at least once a quarter 
  • Significant motions should be available to the members of the pillars in advance of the meetings scheduled 
  • The Mission, Aims and Objectives of the DDF shall be developed and advanced by the members through the formation of pillars sub committees 
  • The sub-committees and members must facilitate the fullest involvement of members or groups. Everyone is entitled to take part in any working group established by the Forum. 
  • Working groups and those nominated / elected to represent the interests of the Forum will strive to develop effective working relationships and relevant partnerships to promote the Aims and Objectives of the Forum. 
  • Each working group and those nominated / elected to represent the Forum shall be required to report back to meetings of the Forum on their findings, the issues raised and progress to date. Minutes of meetings attended by representatives of the Forum will be made available to the Forum, as appropriate. Each working group shall nominate a specific member of the working to undertake this task. 
  • Each working group and all representatives of the Forum will uphold the ethos and mission of the DDF. 

Section 7 – The BOARD 

STRUCTURE and Election 

  • The role of the Board is to oversee the smooth running of the Forum and to implement the policies and decisions of the Forum. 
  • The inaugural Independent Chairperson must be approved by the temporary steering committee 
  • The Board of the Forum will consist of thirteen members. There are twelve members and an Independent Chairperson. 
  • The Board will elect roles consisting of, as a minimum, Secretary, Vice Chair, Treasurer as elected by voting majority of the Board 
  • The term of office for the Board shall be a rolling 24 months 
  • All Board nominated by the five pillars, must step down after 24 months Membership of the Board will be elected and formed through the Pillars sub-committees.
  • Each sub-Board or Pillar sub-committee will nominate two people to represent the pillar at board level. 
  • A representative from Dublin City Council Executive and one from the Dublin South City Partnership executive will be invited to join the Board. 
  • Members of the Board may go forward for re-election. However, no Board person shall be permitted to hold office for a period longer than two terms. 
  • DDF will review the effectiveness of the structures and operations of the pillar subBoard or Pillar sub-committee on an annual basis or as required. The review will be an open and transparent process involving all member groups 

Board Meeting & AGM procedures 

  • Vacancies on Board to be filled by a nomination from the PILLAR which previously held the position, up to next AGM. 
  • Failure to attend 3 consecutive meetings will result in the automatic loss of seat on the Board. 
  • Each of the thirteen Board will have one vote only. 
  • Any issue which is not addressed by said Constitution shall be decided by the membership at Annual General Meetings. 
  • The quorum for meetings shall be seven. 
  • All meetings will be chaired by Chairperson or Vice-Chair if the Chairperson is unavailable.
  • Decisions should be made by consensus If that is not possible, the Chairperson will have the deciding vote. 
  • Meeting agendas minutes will be provided by Secretary, this includes preparing agendas, supporting papers, preparing meeting notes and information. 
  • The pillar subcommittees will meet outside of these times and some persons will cross over to have meeting obligations both as a member of a pillar subboard or Pillar sub-commiteeand as a Board member of DDF 
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called upon the written request of one third of member groups. Member groups will be given 28 days’ notice of General Meetings. Motions proposed by member groups are to be submitted to the Secretary fourteen days prior to the meetings. 
  • DDF will hold an Annual General Meeting at which the Board is elected. 


Amendments to the Constitution should be made as follows: 

  • Each member of the Forum will be entitled to put forward a motion for amendment to the Constitution. 
  • The motion to amend the Constitution must be made in writing to the Steering committee. A motion must clearly state the section / article of the Constitution proposed for change; and the proposed amendment to said section / article, will be issued to each member.
  • Voting will be by a show of hands or a secret ballot if this is supported by two thirds of those present. 
  • If a secret ballot is requested, three adjudicators will be nominated by the Steering committee, and voted on, on each occasion by the membership of the Forum, via a show of hands. 
  • The verdict of the adjudicating panel will be final; unless a member Forum (DDF) requests a recount, and the request is supported by two other member Forum (DDF)s 


Decision Making 

  • Meetings start on time, provided they are quorum, and end within 90 minutes unless the meeting agrees by a simple majority to extend the time. 
  • When controversial issues are under discussion, the Chair shall ask for motions to be proposed and seconded.
  • The Chair shall allow issues to be properly debated which are on the agenda but should seek the agreement of the meeting for lengthy discussion on items that have not been allowed, for example, a matter arising from a minute or an item of any other business.
  • The Chair has the right to cut short contributions which unnecessarily prolong debate or because the meeting will not have enough time for other items on the agenda. 
  • When there is no clear consensus on a proposal, the Chair shall take a vote at the end of the discussion. Any voting member may call for a vote on a proposal if the Chair fails to do so.
  • Votes take place by a show of hands and the Chair gives the result. Any voting member may query the result, and if this happens, the Chair shall take the vote again and ask another member to recount. 
  • Amendments to proposals shall be proposed and seconded before they can be discussed. Discussion of amendments then takes precedence over the original proposal. If consensus or show of hands then rejects the amendment, discussion of the original proposal resumes. Any member may call for a vote on an amendment if there is doubt about support for it.


  • Members shall, always, conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at the Meetings.
  • Members may only speak through the Chair. 
  • Members may only interrupt another speaker to raise a point of information through the Chair. 
  • Members may only interrupt the passage of a motion by raising a “Point of Order”, for example, to ask for information; to question the truth of a statement; to question the way the discussion is being conducted; or to propose an amendment to the proposal under discussion. 
  • Any member may ask for the minutes to be read back to clarify the record of the meeting on a particular point. If the record is disputed, the Chair may direct the record to be amended by agreement with the meeting 
  • In the event of a “vote of no confidence” being proposed in the Chair, or any other Officer, this must be seconded and if carried by a simple majority of those present and voting, the Officer concerned shall cease to carry out his or her duties for the remainder of that meeting only. 
  • Members shall, always, abide by decisions that have been properly made at meetings.
  • When Board Members are expressing personal opinions outside of Forum (DDF) meetings, they must ensure that they do so strictly in a personal capacity and not in situations where they are representing the Forum (DDF). 
  • Members shall always ensure that when they are representing the Forum (DDF) their conduct (e.g., behavior, language, etc.) is reasonable, honest, and in accordance with the constitution, standing orders, and policy decisions of the Forum (DDF) 

Section 10: Disciplinary Procedures 

  • Rules are outlined in the Terms of Reference for the Board of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum and the Code of Conduct for the Members of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum (both documents are as appendices to this document also).
  • Any Member of the Forum (DDF) who has reason to believe that another Member has acted against the constitution, terms of reference or code of conduct of DDF they may make a complaint to the Board. It is the responsibility of that Board Member to ensure that the complaint is brought before a meeting of the Board or Pillar sub-committee within 28 days of the complaint being made. 
  • Thereafter, and within 14 days of receiving a complaint, the Board or Pillar sub-committee should inform, in writing, the Member about whom a complaint has been made about, the nature of the complaint and the date of the meeting at which it will be considered. 
  • In considering a complaint, the Board or Pillar sub-committee may ask the Member who has complained, the Member who is the subject of the complaint, any other Member, or any other person who has relevant knowledge of the complaint, to attend the Board or Pillar sub-committee Meeting to put their case and answer questions. The Board or Pillar sub-committee may consider correspondence and any other relevant material pertaining to the complaint. 
  • Any Member making a complaint, and any Member who is the subject of the complaint, shall have the right to attend the Board or Pillar sub-committee meeting and shall be given a reasonable amount of time to put their case. 
  • Anyone who has been asked to attend the meeting to give information and who is not a Board or Pillar sub-committee Member, shall leave the meeting after putting forward information and answering any questions. 
  • If the Member about whom a complaint has been made is a Board or Pillar sub-committee Member, he or she shall leave the meeting after putting forward his or her case and answering questions. A Board or Pillar sub-committee Member of the Forum (DDF) about whom a complaint has been made shall not take part in making the decision about whether the complaint is upheld. 
  • Where the original complaint was made by a Member of the Committee, that person shall leave the Board or Pillar sub-committee meeting after putting his or her case and answering questions and shall not take part in making the decision about whether the complaint is upheld. 
  • The Board or Pillar sub-committee shall take a vote to decide, by a simple majority, whether the complaint is upheld. 
  • The Board or Pillar sub-committee shall decide on further action from the following options:
  • Written reprimand to the Member concerned. 
  • Members concerned to be suspended from membership of the Forum (DDF) for a period to be specified by the Committee; the suspension to take effect as soon as the member is informed in writing, and to run for not more than six months. 
  • Members concerned to be suspended from holding a member’s position until the AGM; at which time he or she will be entitled to stand for re-election if he or she is nominated and seconded. The Member must not carry out Member or Board duties whilst suspended but retains ordinary membership of the Forum (DDF). 
  • Members concerned to be expelled from membership of the Forum (DDF). Membership to be terminated with effect from the day that the Member concerned is informed in writing of the expulsion. A Member who has been expelled from the Forum (DDF) may apply to the Board or Pillar sub-committee for new membership after a one-year period has elapsed from the date of expulsion. The Board or Pillar sub-committee shall take a vote and shall decide, by a simple majority, whether the expelled Member shall be allowed to rejoin. 
  • A Member about whom a complaint has been made shall be informed in writing of the decision of the Committee, and the reasons for that decision, within 7 days of the meeting that made the decision taking place. 
  • A Forum (DDF) Member who has been suspended or expelled under the above procedure has 14 days from the date that he or she received notification of the disciplinary decision in which to state, in writing to the committee, that he or she wishes to appeal. 
  • If a Member who has been disciplined requests an appeal, the Board or Pillar sub-committee shall organize, within 28 days, a Member’s Appeal Meeting. All members of the Forum (DDF) shall be given 14 days’ notice of a Member’s Appeal Meeting. All members of the Forum (DDF) shall be entitled to attend the meeting: voting rights shall be the same as those for an AGM. 
  • The quorum for a Member’s Appeal Meeting shall be 4 members. If the meeting is inquorate, the Board or Pillar sub-committee decision stands. A further Member’s Appeal Meeting will not be called if the first meeting organized is inquorate. In those circumstances, the Committee’s decision stands. 
  • At a Member’s Appeal Meeting a representative of the Board or Pillar sub-committee shall explain to the meeting the disciplinary action taken and the reasons for it. The Member who has been disciplined shall explain his or her case. Both parties may ask any other person who has relevant knowledge of the circumstances, (whether a member of the Forum (DDF) or not), to speak to the meeting and answer questions. A vote shall be taken to decide, by a simple majority of those present at the meeting, whether the Committee’s disciplinary decision is upheld. 
  • If a member of the Forum (DDF) is suspended or expelled through these disciplinary procedures, the Board or Pillar sub-committee may appoint a replacement to hold the position until the AGM. 
  • A Member who disagrees with the disciplinary decision made by the Board or Pillar sub-commitee is entitled to request one Member’s Appeal Meeting. The decision of the Member’s Appeal Meeting is final.

The Chairperson

The Chairperson of DDF shall be responsible for the following. 

  • Chairing the AGM and any EGM 
  • Countersigning funding applications/acceptances as required 
  • Will be invited to chair other company meetings if present. 
  • Approving the text of all DDF publications for public release 

The Vice-Chairperson: 

The Vice-Chairperson shall be responsible for the following. 

  • Chairing all Steering Board or Pillar sub-committee Meetings in absence of the Chairperson, and as such approving relevant agendas, and signing off on minutes of meetings
  • Ensuring that the Steering Board or Pillar sub-committee is appropriately represented at all internal and external functions. 
  • Deputising the role for the Chairperson as requested 

The Secretary: 

The Secretary of DDF shall be responsible for the following. 

  • Ensuring that notices of all DDF General Meetings, steering Board or Pillar sub-commitee Meetings and events are given to the appropriate individuals in adequate time,
  • Ensuring that the appropriate information (agendas, reports etc.) is given to participants in meetings 
  • Ensuring that all meetings are adequately minuted and that all records are safely maintained.
  • Ensuring that the rules of DDF as named in the constitution are upheld. 
  • Ensuring that all meetings of DDF are run in a manner consistent with the constitution. 

The Treasurer :

The Treasurer of DDF shall be responsible for the following;

  • Ensuring that any Finance and Fundraising Sub-Committees of the DDF are adequately chaired. 
  • Monitoring finance and fundraising on an ongoing basis. 
  • Ensuring that accurate financial reports are presented to the Steering committee.
  • Liaising with members of the Steering Board or Pillar sub-committee in preparation of annual budgets and annual accounts 
  • Overseeing the Financial Management of DDF 

Data Privacy/Protection Officer :

  • The DPO will implement a Data Protection Framework and oversee the development and implementation of an Information Governance Framework which ensures that the Forum (DDF) complies with the GDPR and Data Protection legislation 
  • The DPO will assist the Board or Pillar sub-committee in all issues relating to the collection, use and safeguarding of data 
  • Be responsible for the overall Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAS) process and decide whether the data subjects will be consulted when performing the DPIA.
  • Report and manage all data protection incidents and breaches and liaise with employees, affected data subjects and DPC as required 

Liaison Officer/ Administrator:

The Liaison Officer / Administrator once appointed shall be responsible for the following;

  • Participating in drawing up the job descriptions, essential and desirable criteria, and advertisements for all new employees, as well as short listing applicants and interviewing candidates. 
  • Ensuring that all contracts, terms, and conditions of employment for staff are compliant with recent legislation and in line with best practice. 
  • Ensuring that all staff receive appropriate induction, probationary interview, regular line-management/supervision sessions, and annual appraisal. 
  • Convening appeals panel for any disciplinary/grievance appeal. 

Appendices 1: Terms of Reference for the Board of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum 


The role of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum (DDF) will provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure the vision and key objective of DDF. 


This Terms of Reference is effective from the date on which it is signed and continues for a period of 24 months 


Membership of the Drimnagh Dynamic Forum is open to all groups and individuals, who live in or have their Forum (DDF) working within the Drimnagh catchment area. 


The DDF mission is the implementation of the Dynamic Drimnagh 2030 Plan The role and responsibility therefore of all members is: 

  • To always maintain the focus on the DDF Plan and the agreed scope, outcomes, and benefits in line with that plan 
  • To stay abreast of the factors outside the DDF control that are critical and may impact on its success of the DDF and stay aware of how you can advocate for the success of DFF plan The DDF Board will commit to: 
    • attending all scheduled DDF meetings 
    • wholeheartedly championing the DDF. 
    • sharing all communications and information with DDF Board or Pillar sub-commitee members and sub committees as required 
    • making timely decisions and acting to not hold up the plan 

Members of DDF will expect the DDF Board to: 

  • report to the pillar subcommittees complete, accurate and meaningful information in a timely manner 
  • to be given reasonable time to make key decisions that require a members vote to be alerted to potential risks and issues that could impact the DDF, as they arise
  • open and honest discussions, without resort to any misleading assertions RESOURCES: 
  • The Board will seek the resources from funders to fund its activity including marketing, communications and events and all other fundraising as required for projects as arise.
  • Expenditure is managed by the Treasurer and agreed through majority voting of the Board. Financial misappropriations lead to immediate dismissal from the activity of the DDF.
  • The Board must agree and annually review a financial procedure for DDF that is followed.


These Terms of Reference may be amended, varied, or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by the Board of the DDF. 


Code of Conduct for the Members of Dynamic Drimnagh Forum: 

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for volunteer members is to set out standards of behaviour expected from Members of the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum (DDF). This code shall be reviewed and updated every two years. All members should ensure that they have read and always comply with this

Code of Conduct. 

The Mission of DDF is to proactively advocate, support, encourage and facilitate the community of Drimnagh to apply influence on matters that impact on its well-being. Our role to implement the Dynamic Drimnagh Plan. 

Our Values include: 

  • Inclusiveness – we recognize that diversity is a strength, and we will seek to involve all and any people as active participants in DDF. This includes respecting everyone’s personal views and beliefs. 
  • Responsive – we will strengthen the efforts of individuals and groups to meet community needs and make a difference. 
  • Quality – we will strive for excellence in the delivery of our services and activities.
  • Connected – we will work with Dublin City Council, South City Partnership, networks, and other identified Forum (DDF) to enhance community well-being. 
  • Accessible – we will provide fair and open access to volunteer opportunities and support.
  • Forward looking – we will recognize the need for continual review and improvement.
  • Impact focused – we believe that success is measured by outcomes and will seek to deliver results aligned to our mission that benefit both individuals and the community. 

General Agreements of this CODE OF CONDUCT 

  • I will act within the governing document of DDF and abide by the policies and procedures of the DDF. This includes having a knowledge of the contents of the Constitution and relevant policies and procedures as they relate to members. 
  • I will support the objects, aims and mission of DDF, championing it, using any skills or knowledge I must further that mission and seeking expert advice where appropriate.
  • I will be an active volunteer member, making my skills, experience, and knowledge available to DDF and seeking to do what additional work I can outside meetings, including sitting on sub-committees. 
  • I will respect the DDF members and pillar subcommittees confidentiality, while never using confidentiality as an excuse not to disclose matters that should be transparent and open.
  • I will participate in developing and maintaining a sound and up-to-date knowledge of Dynamic Drimnagh Plan
  • I will recognize that diversity is strength and will seek to involve all people, as active participants in the Plan. 
  • I accept my responsibility to ensure that DDF is well run and will raise issues and questions in an appropriate and sensitive way to ensure that this is the case. 

Managing My Interests as A Member: 

  • I will not gain materially or financially from my involvement with DDF. 
  • I will not seek or accept any gifts, rewards, benefits, or hospitality during my role as a member of the Forum or a sub-board or Pillar sub-committee within it. 
  • I will act in the best interests of DDF, considering what is best for DDF and its present and future beneficiaries and avoiding bringing DDF into disrepute. 
  • Unless authorized, I will not put myself in a position where my personal interests’ conflict with my duty to act in the interests of the DDF. Where there is a conflict of interest, I will ensure that this is managed effectively in line with DDF policy. I understand that a failure to declare a conflict of interest may be a breach of this code. 
  • I will refrain from promoting or canvassing any personal political persuasion and acknowledge that the DDF is a non-political grouping. 
  • I will raise concerns about possible wrongdoing witnessed by the member during the member’s role with the chairperson directly (or with the full board if it relates to the chairperson. 
  • Exercising caution and care with any documents, material, or devices containing confidential information. This includes the prohibition of sharing material and or documents except where it is necessary and authorized for the progression and undertaking of tasks. 
  • I will not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication which will affect my abilities to carry out my duties and responsibilities while volunteering. 
  • I will not engage in illegal activity while carrying out my role 
  • I acknowledge that no employment relationship is created in the context of my role with the DDF. 

Meetings Of the Forum and My Role Within Them 

  • I will attend all appropriate meetings and other appointments for DDF or give apologies. If I cannot regularly attend meetings, I will consider whether there are other ways I can engage with DDF. 
  • I will prepare fully for all meetings. This will include reading any papers shared in advance, querying anything I do not understand, thinking through issues before meetings and completing any tasks assigned to me in the agreed time. 
  • I will actively engage in discussion, debate and voting in meetings, contributing in a considered and constructive way, listening carefully, challenging sensitively, and avoiding conflict. 
  • I will participate in collective decision making, accept a majority decision of the DDF and will not act individually unless specifically authorized to do so. 


  • I will actively contribute towards improving the governance of the DDF as and if required and especially by fully participating with the pillar subBoard or Pillar sub-committee and other members. 
  • I will help to identify more people to become members of the subcommittees and promote its work and the DDF’s desire for inclusion of anyone (individual or network or Forum (DDF)) in Drimnagh to become involved as a member. 


  • I will endeavor to work considerately and respectfully with all those I come into contact with, at DDF.
  • I will respect diversity, different roles and boundaries, and avoid giving offence.
  • I will not engage in any activity that may cause physical or mental harm to another person (Such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, assault, bullying or discrimination or harassment on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, or membership of the traveller community) 
  • I recognise that the members’ roles or areas of interest could be different, and I will seek to understand and respect the difference between these roles. 
  • I will seek to support and encourage all those I come into contact with at DDF, in particular I recognize my responsibility to support the chairperson and other members of the DDF.
  • I will not make public comments about the DDF unless it is agreed that I do so. Any public comments I make about DDF will be considered and in line with Forum (DDF)al policy, whether I make them as an individual or as a member. 


  • I understand that substantial breach of any part of this code may result in procedures being put in motion that may result in my being asked to no longer be a member of DDF.
  • Should this happen, I will be given the opportunity to be heard. In the event that I am asked to resign as a member from the DDF I will accept this decision and resign at the earliest opportunity. 
  • I will return any documents, material or devices that contain confidential information in my possession to the DDF. 
  • If I wish to cease being a member of the DDF at any time, I will inform the Board or Pillar subboard or Pillar sub-committee chair in advance.

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