Community Development

Community Centered Development including Housing, Planning & Safety.

Ensuring that the built environment, past, present and future, works for the sustainable benefit of all the people of Drimnagh.

What are the duties of this Pillar?

The Dynamic Drimnagh Forum (DDF) will engage positively with ongoing developments to redress historic underinvestment in services and community infrastructure in Drimnagh and promote sustainable development in environment and sociological needs.

As developments seek planning, the DDF will engage with residents’ associations, environmental and community groups to ascertain the effects of the plans, highlight concerns, and identify community benefits linked with the development. The needs of the community will form the basis of ‘corporate responsibility and community gain’ discussions, to provide community facilities in Drimnagh.

The DDF and the Land Development Agency should work together on future developments for Drimnagh, highlight the underdeveloped needs in our community and its expanding population, and ensure additional infrastructure for health, welfare, community, cultural and sports groups on public lands are prioritised ahead of future state housing development.

The DDF’s will focus on Community Centred Development including Housing, Planning and Safety, to monitor, advise and collaborate with developers and the LDA who wish to make changes to the physical infrastructure of the community. We will consider the physical dimensions and impact of specific developments with attention to an appropriate mix of social, cost rental, affordable, built to rent and purchase developments facilitating a mix of professional and social inhabitants.Our increased population will be cognisant of planning for future developments and transport routes to and through Drimnagh. The DDF will address on footpath parking causing significant health and safety issues for residents. A Mobility Plan (Strategic Traffic Management Plan) will be commissioned to ascertain the best means of transport required for Drimnagh into the future, placing mobility and sustainability foremost in its consideration. The DFF will lobby Dublin City Council and other stakeholders to implement the report recommendations. We will be cognisant that all planned developments must have completed an environmental study on green spaces, waterways, traffic, noise pollution and community good. A protocol will be developed with DCC to ensure community consultation with the DDF becomes a condition of planning.

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