Culture, Sports, Health & Well-Being

What is the Culture, Sports, Health & Well-Being Pillar?

Advocating for sports, leisure, health and cultural resources in Drimnagh so the community can lead a full, active, healthy, and meaningful life

What are the duties of this Pillar?

We are developing the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum in order to implement the Dynamic Drimnagh Plan and proactively advocate, support, encourage and facilitate the community of Drimnagh to apply influence on matters that impact on its wellbeing. The Plan has 5 pillars. Strategic Pillar 5 is about Health, wellbeing, culture, sports, and leisure and represents a need to ensure that Drimnagh community members have the basic resources within their community to lead a full, healthy, and meaningful life. 

In order to ensure that the community of Drimnagh can enjoy a healthy quality of life, our plan looks at matters such as a Primary Health Care Campus, upgrading existing and adding new community and cultural facilities and Civic and Sporting Arenas with a view to facilitating all sporting groups within the area and growing them.

While physical health and wellbeing is a priority, so too is the mental and cultural health of all members of the community. Opportunities for additional leisure and cultural activities all contribute in some way to the meaningful life and mental wellbeing of members of the community. We want a library, a cultural centre and local festivals to flourish in Drimnagh.

Despite the fact that there are Hospitals located on the periphery of the Drimnagh community, healthcare services in Drimnagh are in need of a overhaul. The number of general practitioners serving the community has decreased radically although the community itself has grown and there is a need to remodel the physical infrastructure of primary healthcare in the community based on modern-day standards. Many local sporting organisations that have grown up as a result of community activists and sporting enthusiasts. These organisations, regardless of the activity, provide a physical outlet for all age groups in the community and contribute to their sense of belonging as well as wellbeing. They need to be supported and grown through significant infrastructure projects.

How can I get involved with this Pillar?

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