Education & Life Long Development

What is the Education & Life Long Development Pillar?

Ensuring that the benefits of education and lifelong learning can enrich the lives of the people and the community of Drimnagh

What are the duties of this Pillar?

Our goal is to ensure that the benefits of education and learning can accrue to all members of the community.  As the overall population of Drimnagh changes, so will the educational needs of the community. The quality and relevance of the formal education available needs to reflect the changes in the community and consider the possibility to expand the curriculum to reflect global as well as local changes. In the last decade, technology has changed how we communicate locally, nationally and globally and Drimnagh needs to keep up with these changes. Greater emphasis on information technology in our schools can help contribute to social mobility and help turn Drimnagh into a SMART community as part of the future.

The availability of spaces in schools and pre-schools for children and young people from Drimnagh also needs to be monitored to ensure that the growing community is catered for, and Irish School or multi-denominational options are available without putting pressure on existing services.

It is vital that all members of our community are equipped with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of climate and digital transition, and the changing needs of the community.  The ever changing economic climate and the evolution of technology requires future focused and practical skills training rather than academic achievement. Opportunities for this type of almost vocational training should be readily available in the community at an affordable price, for those wishing to upskill or return to the workplace. Drimnagh has a high level of early School leavers and the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum will promote an early leavers programme so early leavers can gain state qualifications.  Ensuring all members of the community have access to the necessary education, skills, training and lifelong learning will help to build a resilient and vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to participate. 

How can I get involved with this Pillar?

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