Environmental Challenges And Waterways

What is the Environmental Challenges And Waterways Pillar?

Ensuring that the benefits of education and lifelong learning can enrich the lives of the people and the community of Drimnagh

What are the duties of this Pillar?

Pillar three is working to enhance and protect Drimnagh’s public areas, green spaces and waterways, while also dealing with any environmental challenges the area faces.  

In achieving our goals, we will work alongside local environmental groups, Dublin City Council, Waterways Ireland, developers and any state bodies that will need to be part of this. 

Drimnagh is fortunate that there are green spaces in the form of parks, greens, roundabouts and private gardens. It is also fortunate to be built along the canal, an amenity which holds huge potential both for biodiversity and as an amenity. 

The area is seeing major developments in the form of apartments. While this is providing much needed units in the city, it also is providing some challenges. Any developments  should see with it, landscaped areas. A development should seek to enhance the area.  Other challenges the area faces are for example, a lack of bins leading to litter on roads and paths as well as a lack of recycling/bring centres. 

With more residents now walking and cycling to the city centre and other parts, the whole area of smarter travel needs to be explored. The infrastructure such as cycle lanes and pathways are either non-existent or of poor quality.It is imperative that a community can access a clean, safe and healthy environment to work, live and play in. Maintaining a healthy environment is central to increasing quality of life and years of healthy life. It is often said that your environment dictates your behaviour.

How can I get involved with this Pillar?

Code of conduct is located here -https://www.dynamicdrimnagh.com/code-of-conduct/

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