What is the Governance Pillar?

A forum of organisations, networks and individuals playing a leadership role in managing the development and transformation of Drimnagh.

What are the duties of this Pillar?

We are Dynamic Drimnagh, a strategic community plan for Drimnagh for the development of an organised inclusive, cohesive and articulate voice on issues related to development in all parts of Drimnagh. This plan respects history while facing into the future.

Our Vision for Dynamic Drimnagh is: A strong inclusive, creative and caring Drimnagh where the community plays a leadership role in managing development and transformation.

The Mission of the Dynamic Drimnagh once it is established will be to: Implement the Dynamic Drimnagh Plan and proactively advocate and support, encourage and facilitate the community of Drimnagh to apply influence on matters that impact on its wellbeing.

We invite all voluntary groups and individuals to join Dynamic Drimnagh as voices together empower.

How can I get involved with this Pillar?

Code of conduct is located here -

We are one community

Do you have any questions or ideas?
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